Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer food I can't wait for

It's almost summer, and I'm super excited!  Of course, I want to go swimming, watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, and enjoy summer running weather, but I'm most looking forward to the summer food.  Here are the things I'm most excited about culinarily:

- Finally starting getting food from my CSA - I signed up for a CSA a few months ago, and next week they start delivering food.  I'm excited for the fresh, local produce, and for the challenge of making meals out of it.  Bring it on :)

- Water ice - If you're not in Philly, this is just Italian ice.  But really it's so much more, and so very Philly.  Can't wait to have a coconut one from John's Water Ice!

- Burgers on the grill

- Enormous amounts of watermelon - my favorite summer fruit

- Watermelon sorbetto and sea salt gelato from Capogiro - Best. Combination. Ever.

Enough for now - don't want to get overexcited when it's not quite summer yet!

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