Saturday, May 15, 2010

Food news: Wegmans grocery store in Mt. Laurel opens a liquor store

For those of you in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area, check out the Wegmans store in Mt. Laurel.  This weekend, they opened a brand new liquor store, and the celebration was spectacular.

As someone who has lived in four major cities and moved around a lot in the last few years, I know a lot about what makes a good grocery store.  Each time I've moved, I've sought out the best grocery store in the area - since I love to cook, it's important that I find somewhere with quality ingredients and decent prices.  Wegmans has more than met that challenge for me here in Philly, and I can't say enough about how spectacular the store is.

The celebration this weekend was fun, with music and food samples throughout the store.  Their liquor store features $6 bottles of wine, and has quite a selection of wine and liquor.  I even bought a bottle of Riesling at a sample table, only to find out that the people giving the samples were actually the vineyard owners, and they signed my bottle!  It was a blast, and I'll definitely be back to the store inside Wegmans again.

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