Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Four Things

1. After a few months of interviews, deliberating, and thinking about what I want to do in the distant future, I have secured a postdoc position for late next spring!  I'm not at liberty to discuss where exactly I'll be - but I will be moving back to the Boston area.  I'll finally get the chance to move in with my (currently long-distance) boyfriend, and this whole five-year waiting game will be over.  Yay!

2. Negotiating (if you can call it that) for a postdoc position is a lot like meeting a boy that you like a lot: At first, you do a little investigating to make sure he'll be good for you, and then you have to tell him you like him.  You don't want to jump right in to things and tell him you love him and want to have dozens of babies with him - so you play hard-to-get and make it seem like you're not that interested, until finally one of you has to make a move so that you can start dating.  The whole process is convoluted, silly, and awkward - but it works, I guess?

3. I am headed abroad in a few weeks for a short trip, and I'm in full-on planning and saving mode.  I managed to get my plane ticket using miles, but train fare, food, and sightseeing won't be cheap!  I'm trying to keep grocery spending to a minimum this month - as in, $40 instead of the usual $200.  This goal isn't as ridiculous as it sounds - since I signed up for the CSA, I will get loads of produce.  All I have to do is stick to vegetarian meals and have a lot of roasted veggies and soup.  If all else fails, I'll hit up the freezer - it's packed with leftovers from the summer of CSA food!

4. This month and next will be very, very hectic.  Along with this trip, I've got some extreme lab work to do, and a committee meeting coming up right before Thanksgiving.  I've got to get everything together by then so I can get permission to write my thesis, which is essential if I want to start my postdoc in the spring - no pressure, right?

That's it for now!

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